Fine Art Film Deal

Testimonial : 

"I didn't know much about the film process before, but after working with Jonny, and after receiving my BEAUTIFUL images, I wouldn't want anything other than film!  My images were absolutely stunning and I couldn't be any happier!Every photo looked like a dream and actually captured the fantastical feeling of our wedding day. Our friends and family are all saying they are the most beautiful wedding photos they've ever seen!"

Holly & Jeff Hayes

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Film itself is such a beautiful material.  It has a quality about it that is able to work with light in such a unique and dynamic way.  It’s grain.  It’s ability to take harsh daylight and soften it into a beautiful image.  Film and film cameras really have an incredible quality that creates soft, beautiful, and dreamy images.  Film is unlike any digital file, it is utterly unique.  For me, shooting film is about creating art.  The whole craft of film photography is a fine art that I am utterly absorbed by, and that I want the world to see and love.  When I shoot film, I truly feel that I am in the moment with my couples, paying close attention to their subtle and beautiful nuances, and reflecting their relationship in the most beautiful and perfect photographs

Digital cameras are awesome and an effortless tool for photographers.  You can shoot thousands of photos without the worry of spending too much money like you would with film.  But of those thousands of photos taken with a digital, you’ll only end up with 20 percent of the images being good enough to share. With digital, you also have the ability to check the photographs instantly, so essentially the photographer will spend a bit of time throughout a wedding checking the back of the camera, viewing the photos, and adjusting the settings accordingly to make sure that the moments are captured.  

My film cameras are pretty highly technical machines that require much more than trial and error.  Each image requires a critical attention to detail, such as film exposure, composition, shadows and lighting.  The image is created right then and there within the camera, and it won’t have to be edited afterwards, as I have already put all of the energy necessary to making that image perfect, right there in that highly considered moment. This is how I started photographing at age 7.  I grew to appreciate it's beautiful qualities that film it obtained, and have furthermore arduously perfected my film photography.  


Fine Art Film OFFER 2017

  • Wedding photographed on fine art film stock *

  • Wedding featured on the blog

  • Photography start time 2 hours earlier for photographs of detailings **

  • 2nd shooter assistant
  • Cost price Fine Art Red Tree Album (if requested)

      *    Price of fine art film & development included
      **   Start time 2 hours before initial start time
      +   Quote based on an average of 20 rolls of film
      +   Digital may be used where appropriate (dancing, church, aisle)
      +   This offer is 'on top of' your current package