DIGITAL (UNTOUCHED)         VS.             FILM (KODAK)
           (LEFT)                                    (RIGHT)

Notice the difference in softness.  How film absorbs and holds light in different lighting.  The beautiful skin tones.  

F. A.Q's

  • What is film?
    Film is a material that absorbs and soaks up light upon contact.  It has been used for many many years and is how I first started photographing.
  • How does it look different?
    Film often has a certain softness to it that digital cannot replicate.  Film has a dynamic quality about it that works wonderfully in broad daylight, essentially softening harsh lighting.  It creates beautiful natural skin tones and a subtle natural grain that reflects it's physical attributes.  Check out the comparisons below for visual differences.
  • Will I notice the difference?
    You sure will! Check out the below comparisons :) 
  • Can't you make Digital photos look like film?
    I have tried for so many years to replicate my film on digital but I just can't.  To put it simply, digital cameras are built in quite a different manner.  Film photos are undoubtably unique.