Des & Misa, Koh Samui


Two of the most swoon-worthy people I’ve ever met. Not only that, but their wedding was totally, undeniably, one of the most magic weddings I’ve photographed. Situated in a villa on the top of a mountain off the coast of Thailand, the wedding was styled to perfection, combining elements of Des’s Sri Lankan heritage and Misa’s Vietnamese.

You’ll see an awesome tradition in here too, I’m pretty sure it’s a Sri Lankan tradition, but it’s where the groom has to go to the bride’s house and try and win her over by doing certain tasks. Of which, Des had to a), showcase his incredible dancing and singing skills, b) put a banana tied to his waist into a cup, and c) eat really hot chilli. I’m not sure how traditional the banana gag was, but it was pretty flipp’n hilarious.

Enough of my words. Check out their amazing wedding below.


Wedding Vendors:
Photography: Jonny Scott (myself lol)
Event Planning and Styling: Emily Strange from SOAP
Floral Design and Rentals: Bliss Events and Dreamcatcher
Venue: Koh Koon
Hair and Makeup Artist: Polina Pak
Catering: Go Samui Catering
Pop-up Bar: Crafty Cocktail Co